How to Remove a Busy Background in Affinity Photo

When working with photos in Affinity Photo, you may encounter situations where the background of an image is too busy or distracting. In such cases, it’s important to know how to effectively remove the busy background to make the subject stand out. Here are the steps to do this in Affinity Photo:

1. Open the Image: Start by opening the image in Affinity Photo that has the busy background you want to remove.
2. Select the Subject: Use the selection tools, such as the Selection Brush or Pen Tool, to carefully select the subject in the image. It’s important to make a precise selection to ensure that the subject is properly isolated.
3. Refine the Selection: Once the subject is selected, use the Refine Selection feature in Affinity Photo to fine-tune the edges and ensure that the selection accurately represents the subject.
4. Invert the Selection: After the subject is selected, invert the selection to choose the background instead. This can typically be done by going to Select > Invert.
5. Remove the Background: With the background selected, use the appropriate tools in Affinity Photo to remove the busy background. This may involve using techniques like masking, inpainting, or the erase brush, depending on the complexity of the background.
6. Final Touches: Once the busy background is removed, make any final adjustments or touch-ups to ensure a seamless and professional result. This may include refining edges, adjusting contrast, or applying additional effects.
7. Save Your Work: Finally, save your edited image in Affinity Photo to preserve the changes you’ve made.
By following these steps, you can effectively remove a busy background in Affinity Photo and elevate the visual impact of your images.


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