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Animal Matting: The Perfect Flooring System for your Pets

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Pets are not just our companions — they are fully fledged family members. Sometimes they are treated like babies and we play the role of an overprotective parent. They are a great pick-me-up on days when nothing seems to go right; some pet owners might even argue that they are a more loyal partner than their human counterpart.

However, canine and feline friends do come with their fair share of drawbacks. Looking after them is not an easy task; a classic example is cleaning up after them. Nevertheless, you will need to stay committed to keep them happy and healthy.

Simple tricks for a Pet-Friendly Home

To make life easier, we have listed some pet care ideas to add to your routine.

· Don’t leave electrical cords exposed

Pets have the uncontrollable desire to chew random objects. If they decide to chew on an exposed power cable this may lead to serious damage, not just to the appliance but also to the pet; they might suffer an electrical shock.

An ideal solution is to wrap cord protectors around the exposed wires and stick the cords on the wall using an electrical tape or cord clips.

· Train your pet to use a litter tray

You might have to spend a little more time and effort in your quest to potty train your pet but the end results are well worth it. This will not only eliminate the inconvenience of cleaning up pet mess, your pet will also be more disciplined.

· Go the extra mile and install rubber flooring in your pet’s space

As much as fabric carpets make your humble abode look chic and polished, carpets are susceptible to odour, trapped dirt and animal hair; not to mention that they stain easily.

Rubber mats are very hygienic and provide the necessary comfort for your pets.

Rubber Flooring for Pets

Rubber animal mats are quality investments for your pets. Easy to clean and maintain, they are a breeze to mop and dry in the event of any mishaps because rubber mats are water resistant. Durable and resistant to wear and tear, they also act as a cushion for your pets; perfect for dogs that suffer from joint pains or arthritis.

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