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How To Get Any Pictures Background Removed For Less Than $1

Do you look good in a picture but the background looks bad? Do you want to make a youtube thumbnail but don’t know how to remove the background? If any of those questions sound familiar you’re in the right place. Hi, I’m Gary Smith. I like blogging, making people custom shirts, and removing backgrounds from images. In this article ill outline why you should pick me to remove your image backgrounds, my pricing, and how long my service will take.

Why Me?

I have been removing backgrounds for a long time now. I started because I wanted to put designs on shirts. If you pick me, ill certainly try my best to make the image look perfect. Now, let’s get onto the pricing.


I would consider myself a very fair guy. My prices are far more reasonable than ones on Fiverr. Like come on, $5 for a background removed is outrageous. I will remove 1 image background for $1, that’s it! If you want more images I can even lower the price from there. If you do 10 images it will cost $8.99, if you do 25 it will cost $15, and If you somehow have 50 images it will cost $25. That’s $0.50 a background removed! Now, let’s get into how long it will take.

Time For Image

Regardless of which one you pick I will get the pictures done in 3 days or less. My average time would probably be the next day but sometimes I need an extra day. So a safe estimate would be 3 days or less. If you are interested in my service contact: [email protected]

Have a great day my friend!