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How to remove an object from the background of a picture with “Facetune”

Have you ever chosen a picture that you really like and want to post on social media, but hate that there is a stranger standing in the background?

In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to remove a person or object out of the background of a photo with a free mobile/tablet app called “Facetune” which you can download from iTunes or Google Play Store. It has basic editing capabilities such as patching, warping images, changing colors, adding filters, and more!

I use this app whenever I am trying to edit a picture on the go or do not have access to my laptop. Sometimes, I even find editing with this app easier than using Photoshop because I personally prefer using my phone over using a computer for most tasks.

This will work best with pictures that do not have complicated backgrounds, with the removable object in a location that can be easily covered up using other pieces of the background.

I will be using this picture to walk you through this process. I will be removing the people standing in the background on the rocks.


, open up your picture in the app by clicking the camera button in the top right corner, selecting the location of the picture, then selecting the picture itself.

Adjust the color of the object

This step is not necessary if the object is small, like a zit, or only has one solid color surrounding it.

Zoom in on the to-be-removed object- which for me is the woman behind me on the rocks.

Click on the “


” tool in the menu at the bottom of your screen

Use the “


” to select the color of the background next to the object

Click out of the picker by clicking “


Use your finger to rub that color all over the object. (this will make it look crazy, but we will be covering it up in the next step)

Cover it up

Click on the “


tool in the bottom menu

Two circles will show up. One circle is what will be duplicated, and the other is where the duplication will go. If you did not adjust the color of what will be patched, this may not work as well or may take more tries.

When you have the circles configured in the way you want, click the red “


button and then it will allow you to make another patch

Keep adding patches until the object is covered the way you want it to be

When you are done, click the check mark in the top right corner to exit the tool.

Export your picture

Click the button in the top right corner that has three connected circles in a “<” shape

Select what you would like to do with your picture


You can now remove unwanted noise from your photos with ease!