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This picture originally had several branches in the background which of course I removed because the main thing included with minimizing is just like one main focus with a bare background. The way I removed the other branches is using the clone stamp and then used the spot healing tool to even out the background and make sure it all was the same. I tried to make it to where the white background wasn’t so bright but when I attempted to it made it to where there we like smudge marks on the photo and it didn’t look too appealing. So I just left it how it was and in my opinion it looks decent.

This picture is probably one of my favorites because I like how the pink and green stand out against the grey wall in the background. The picture like the last also had a few things in the background which I wanted to remove. The wall just had some random discolored spots on it and it looked gross so I thought I would clean it up a bit. But in the end the background kinda looks like a gradient just like blurry. By which I think gives the background a little bit of detail.

This image I don’t really know what this is of I was just on the search for another picture I could include in this assignment for which this works perfectly for. But the black background was a little dirty and it looked gross to I removed all the marks with the clone stamp and the spot healing tool which seemed to work pretty good, this process took a little longer than I intended but it all worked out I guess.

This picture is a little bit different then the others I used because in this image the background has more details because of the bricks and the coloring. I still think it looks pretty good though. With this picture there wasn’t much editing to do all I really had to do was crop it because the vines weren’t centered so it looked kind of funny. But I think it looks a lot better now.

Although this has more branches included in the picture I still think it works because it’s kind of just a repeated element or in other words a motif. But I like the detail the branches give. This photo I don’t think I actually edited, I just thought it looked good the way it was.