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Remove Spotify’s worthless notification badge (Mac OS X)


I personally hate irrelevant notifications and the most common one on my MacBook is Spotify with their badge count showing alerting every time a new track is added to one of the 50+ playlists I follow.

There are several requests on Spotify’s own community board and have been talked about since 2012 with 20k views and 130 replies right now.

Googled a fix for this numerous times but never any luck and impossible to use Notifications Center since Spotify refuses to follow

their implementation

like most other Mac OS X apps. Luckily I did come across a solution this morning that works for now. Unclear if this is a permament solution butter best seems to be best option out there.

How to fix it

  1. Download from here

    . Unzip and save to your desktop.
  2. Open Terminal and navigate to your desktop (

    cd Desktop

  3. Set the right permissions for the script, which is done by typing


    chmod 700
  4. Run the file by typing

  5. Open

    System Settings > Notifications

    and you should find Spotify at the bottom of the list.

All credit goes to the awesome people in this thread: