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Remove Video Background Without a Green Screen in OBS Studio

Learn how to remove video background without a green screen in OBS Studio while recording or broadcasting. I assume basic familiarity with OBS.

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Software Used

OBS Studio

— 27.0.1

OBS Background Removal Plugin

— v0.3.0-beta

Download appropriate version based on your operating system.

Open plugin zip and copy above selected files.

Paste to OBS Studio.

Add Camera Filter in OBS Studio.

Add ‘Audio/Video’ Filter. Select Background Removal. You may need to restart OBS studio if it was open at the time of copying plugin files.

Tweak Parameters. Change background color from Black to Green.

Experiment with Segmentation Model.

Add background Media Source. (Image / Video)

Using locally downloaded file.

Background changed.

Reorder media source. Reposition & resize camera video as needed.

Right click on camera and select filters.

From ‘Effect Filters’, select ‘Chroma Key’

Tweak settings if needed. Defaults work fine in most of the cases.

Background replaced without Green Screen.

It’s really an amazing feature.