Automate Photo-Background Removal With AI

These days, e-commerce websites are trending clean and sleek, almost always spotlighting high-quality product photos with a flat-white, solid-color, or transparent background. Many practical and well-validated reasons support this choice, making it clear that this is no passing fad. Cloudinary has the solution in its AI Background-Removal Add-On. The add-on’s deep-learning and artificial-intelligence algorithms identify the primary subject in each photo’s foreground and then accurately remove its background in mere seconds… To display product photos on your own site or marketplaces, or to offer background-removal service for the photos uploaded by your users, you need an automated, efficient, and reliable solution that ultimately delivers images with a sharp and clear foreground image. Once the original background is ‘out of the picture,’ you can freely deliver your product images with white backgrounds, neutral colors, bright colors, or in context of a realistic scene…


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