Professional Background Removal Service for E-commerce Studios

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But image editing doesn’t have to be painful. With our Pixelz Platform, all your specifications are saved for future use saving time for the long term. And with our AI-backed workflow, we can guarantee some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Get Started Customize Your Background Removal Service With Pixelz you can easily customize all aspects of your photo background removal service including: File Outputs JPG PNG PSD TIFF Background Colors Grey White Transparent Gradient Custom Advanced Services Background Extension Cropping and Scaling Prop Removal Clipping Path Background Retouching Why Use Background Removal Services? One of the most important reasons to remove the background is that it eliminates distractions from your products. There are also other benefits to using a background removal service including: Reducing file size Replacing with another background color or image Complying with online marketplaces Creating consistency on your eCommerce site Background Removal Services Powered By AI Our unique workflow combines AI technology with our expert photo editors. This combination allows us to deliver you consistent edited images faster than ever. We rely on AI to do a lot of the heavy lifting of sorting and basic tasks. This allows our expert photo editors to spend time on the intricate details of the background removal. We also rely on a robust team of QA team to ensure every image meets your standards. And with our Flow Retouching, you can continuously upload images for delivery times as low as 3 hours. Learn more about Flow Retouching here. Intricate Images? We Can Handle It. Are high-complexity images becoming a bottleneck in your production line? Or maybe your current image editing vendor is not giving you the quality you need? We help studios and brands handle complex background removal such as: Fur Purse chains Fly away hairs Jewelry Home goods & furniture Complex or Distracting backgrounds Shadows More Than A Transparent Background We know that you need more than just a transparent background. You also need a transparent photo background removal service. Alongside our services, we offer the Pixelz Platform. Our platform keeps the background removal process transparent with dashboards and order overviews. It will keep you up to date on every step of your background removal order! The Pixelz Platform can also do much more, just get in touch with us to see more. Save Time With Background Removal Services We promise quick turnaround times even down to 3 hours with our Flow Retouching for high-quality background removal. With our AI-assisted workflow, we are able to deliver on these promises. And for those unexpected emergencies, you can expedite an order to ensure you get your order when you need it. All The Professional Background Services You Need With Pixelz, you’ll have access to all the tools to make your product images stand out. From masking to clipping path, we can handle any request. We can also return files with the clipping path and mask so your in-house editors can make any final adjustments. Easy Communication 3-Hour Flow Retouching Delivery Scale When Needed Add Shadows Image Retouching Go Further With Pixelz We do more than just remove backgrounds, our Customer Success team will help you reduce lead times, improve product return rates, and make the most of our Pixelz Platform. We have been innovating image editing over the past decade and processes more than 1 million e-commerce images per month. Chat with us now to see how you can get your products online faster and save your studio thousands of dollars each month using Pixelz. 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